It's Only Monday?

I know it's Tuesday. But this is what I was thinking last Monday after the first day of Day Camp was over. 

Now, don't get me wrong. We LOVE Day Camp (which is like a huge version of VBS). It's awesome to see the powerful things God is doing in little people's hearts. Because He does, you know. 
But, it is stinking exhausting! All day long Monday through Friday, all day long in the heat. 

So after the first day was over, I was getting overwhelmed and super tired thinking about the four days left. Nevertheless, we survived and it was a wonderful week!

Bryan calls Day Camp Week the Super Bowl of children's ministry. So it's kind of a big deal to him. It seems like planning starts in November or December. 
And by the time the big week rolls around, he is running around nonstop, along with his directors, making sure all 500+ kids and leaders are good-to-go. 

What can I say? My husband is super awesome at his job. His leadership is purposeful and full of wisdom and thoughtfulness. Plus, he's really ridiculously good with kids.

Behold The Kid Whisperer:

The girls especially love him. I don't blame them. He's quite the looker. 

After the last session on Friday, we headed to Zoo Night which is basically the "Finale" of Day Camp. I didn't get any pictures of the evening except for when we were leaving to get in the car.

Please enjoy a sample of Bryan's sweatyness (that's definitely not a word). I'm pretty sure he sweat through his clothes a couple of times that day. 

Here is what we looked like at the beginning of the day Friday:

And at the end:

Those faces may be posed but I guarantee you, we were feelin' it.

A pit-stop at this place...
...and we were home watching a movie and stuffing our faces. 
And Bryan might have slept in until 11 Saturday morning.

Hey don't judge, we're getting our rest for next year :)


For Dad

Okay, I'm a day late on this Father's Day post. I'm sorry, Dad! Since I haven't been blogging long, I sometimes don't even think about how it would have been a good idea to "blog that" until it's over. Case in point. 

Onward...Happy Father's Day Daddio! There are SO many things I love about you. Since you've been a father for 23 years, I'm going to say 23 ways you are the best, in no particular order. (idea taken from my uber-creative sister-in-law)

1. You're a teacher which means you had summers off to be with me and Ali! That was such a special time to sleep in, go to the pool, and hangout with my dad.
2. You were/are the best coach in the State of Kansas. I'm sure that has to mean you are also the best dad in the state...duh.
3. Despite your opinion that "if God wanted holes in my ears he would have put them there," you let me get my ears pierced for my junior prom. That meant a lot to me.
4. Unknowingly, you introduced me to my future husband when I was twelve. Thanks, Dad! Not sure you loved that I reminded you of that throughout our dating years, hah!
5. All the bedtime stories of Jack the Bumblebee, Pinky the Penguin, and Barbie. The best was definitely their pool party at Barbie's house. 
6. How your love for traveling and "experiences" rubbed off on me. My best memories of childhood are all of our vacations and car-rides to get there. I can't wait to continue that with my kids (someday).
7. Looking back, you've led our family so well. You're a great leader, dad. I think that's one of the reasons I love Bryan. He has that trait as well. 
8. Our dance at my wedding. As much as you didn't want too, because it's just not your thing, you did it for me. 
9. You taught me to drive stick-shift. I was so mad to have a manual car (wow is that Johnson County brat speaking or what?!). But now, I love driving sticks, and I'm glad to know how. 
10. Your love for the Jayhawks! Rock Chalk :)
11. Seeing you flirt and be affectionate towards mom. I always knew you loved and were committed to each other because I saw it.
12. Your loyalty to your church, friends, and family. You instilled at a young age that we would be loyal and faithful to our church. I'd like to think loyalty is one of my better qualities as well.
13. Your impersonations of various people (to remain unnamed). HILARIOUS.
14. I love that you are a coach. I can't remember not going to your games and meets to cheer on my dad and his team. 
15. Your unwavering faith in Jesus. I know that there is no greater joy in your life than your relationship with Him. 
16. How I've always known that you are proud of me. You've always communicated that to me and it's been very encouraging.
17. Your total commitment in whatever you're involved in: coaching, being a youth volunteer at church, etc. You always give 100% and want to make things better. That's a trait I'm learning to get better at.
18. How giving you and mom are...of your time and your money. You don't want any acknowledgement for it, you just want to be a blessing to others because you have been blessed. 
19. I love how you write our yearly, family Christmas letters. You do such a nice job.
20. I love how similar we are in our personalities. I know I'm a lot like mom in how I operate, but I think I'm wired more like you. Maybe that's why we clash on occasion... ;)
21. Watching "Full House" with you like everyday growing up. That was our show and I can't watch it now without thinking of you!
22. I love that you love my husband. Not just in the way that you have too, but that you are friends with him and enjoy talking sports and going hunting with him.
23. I love that you are MY dad.

I hope this loved on you, Dad. No matter how big I get, I'll always be your little girl. Can't wait to see you next!!



Free Date Night, Yes Please!

I LOVE sleeping in on Saturdays with my husband. I seriously look forward to it, especially during the school year. I guess we were extra sleepy today because we slept in until 10! 

Maybe we were so tired because of our Friday night. 

One of Bryan's co-workers gave these tickets to us on Friday. For FREE! I also LOVE theater productions. Musicals, plays, you name it. Growing up in KC, my aunt and I used to go to a lot of productions at the JCCC Carlsen Center. Good Times.

Apologies on the blurry picture...? So we got all cute for our date night and headed to a FREE dinner. Yep, it was a totally free night except for two ice-cream cones from Braum's.

Avivo is definitely one of my favorite Wichita restaurants. I always get the #14 (top pic) which has feta cheese, caramelized onions, and button mushrooms. YUM CITY! Bry got the Pollo Pesto which was quite tasty as well. 

As mentioned before, Braum's for cookie dough ice-cream. 
The musical was great! I was really impressed with the quality of dancing and singing. And it gave us a good preview since we got tickets to see Under the Sea for our anniversary in August. Saweet. Can't wait. 

This morning we got up and went to the farmer's market. I can't believe we've never been before, but it was good to support local growers. 

The goods:

So there is our uneventfully eventful weekend. Perfect in its simplicity. 
Happy Saturday :)


Texas is a Friend-Stealer

This is what I was doing on Saturday:

I (co) hosted my first baby shower for my closest friend, Tracie. She's having a sweet girl in July, Nora. I love that name...good choice, friend.

The other Co-Host, Emily, Tracie, and myself...we always say we should be a hair commercial!

It was FUN. If I could decorate my house and plan events/parties for the rest of my days, I would be in heaven.

We ate yummy food and played one game (the other host and I aren't really a fan of cheesy shower games...you know, stick your face in this diaper and identify the candy bar...mmm, no thanks)

Mini fruit pizzas. Delish.

As much as I loved throwing the shower for my dear friend, it was bittersweet. She's moving to Texas on Thursday. I hate Texas. Okay, not really, but it's not in on my favorite list right now.

We have grown really close over the last year-and-a-half. We live a mile from each other and talk and text pretty much daily. Tracie is such a faithful, truth-giving friend. I really look for honesty and realness in my friends. Because they're going to get it from me and I definitely need that in my life as well.

It's sick how cute she is pregnant.
 So Trace, when you read this, know that I cherish our friendship so much. It totally sucks that we don't get to watch the Bachelorette "do life together" on a regular basis, but I am excited for you and Adam (and Alexa and Nora) to have a new start in Texas!

And really, Michael W. Smith says it best...Friends are Friends Forever, if the Lord is the Lord of them...hah, just trying to end on a high note. 

Love you, friend!


Too Little to be So Big

My sister that is. Ali is 17 TODAY! 
We are 6.5 years apart, which to me is a lot. I think I'm just in denial that she is a senior in high school...didn't I just graduate high school? Apparently not, my friends. 
We pretty much don't look anything alike. But dang, she's pretty. Pretty GORGEOUS.

Al, I'm so blessed to have YOU as my sister. We are so opposite it's ridiculous but I wouldn't have it any other way. You are spontaneous and compassionate. You truly live in the moment. People tell me I'm straight forward and honest, but you my sister, are even more so.

I love that our relationship is continually growing and I pray that we will always turn to each other and know that acceptance and unconditional love will be found.

God has really big things in store for you, Al. I know it, and I pray it. 

So...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY! Have Crazy Fun and party it up! You are my favorite :)

Definitely one of our finer moments.


It was a full Memorial Weekend. Full of family. Full of food. Full of driving. Full of Wind - whew, I don't know about you, but I am pretty much done with wind...forever, please and thank you.

We got to see both of our families in one weekend! This doesn't happen very often.
On Thursday, my family came down because my dad was coaching his runners at state track. We didn't get to spend too much time with him, but it was fun being with my mom and sister (and her friend).

My dad is such an amazing coach. I know I have to say that because I'm his daughter, but I've had many coaches in my life and I've never known one to be as dedicated as my dad. He builds such amazing relationships with his athletes, staying in touch with them long after graduation. 
Getting his coach on
One of my Dad's runners. Go Blue Valley West!
We went to Bella Luna on Friday for dinner. Can I just say that making a trip to Wichita just to eat Bella Luna is worth it? That place is sooo good...I'd take some hummus right now. 

My little sister and mom
Ali's friend Amelia (they look more alike than we do)
Dad and Bry

On Sunday, my parents left and Bryan and I drove to Salina to hangout with his family. We ate, played with our niece and nephew, and watched wedding videos because we were really there to celebrate Bryan's parent's anniversary. 
Monday, we all went to the Eisenhower Presidential Museum. I loved it, but I'm a history teacher so that would be expected. 

(the following pictures are mainly of our niece and nephew...sorry to our family...apparently when their around they steal the show from everyone else!)

ANYTHING they do with Uncle Bryan is fun

Jaylee and Uncle "Bynan"

We may or may not have rode the wheelchair lift...exhilarating I tell you

Picnic lunch with all 12 of us...sorry honey, I've always had a big head!
The long weekend ended on a whim, actually. We brought Benson back home with us. He and I went to the library and waterpark. We ate lunch with Bryan at work, and later that night we all went to the movies to see "HOP." He's such a fun kid, we kind of love him. 

I'm throwing a friend a baby shower on Saturday so a post to come on that! 
Happy Thursday :)