It was a full Memorial Weekend. Full of family. Full of food. Full of driving. Full of Wind - whew, I don't know about you, but I am pretty much done with wind...forever, please and thank you.

We got to see both of our families in one weekend! This doesn't happen very often.
On Thursday, my family came down because my dad was coaching his runners at state track. We didn't get to spend too much time with him, but it was fun being with my mom and sister (and her friend).

My dad is such an amazing coach. I know I have to say that because I'm his daughter, but I've had many coaches in my life and I've never known one to be as dedicated as my dad. He builds such amazing relationships with his athletes, staying in touch with them long after graduation. 
Getting his coach on
One of my Dad's runners. Go Blue Valley West!
We went to Bella Luna on Friday for dinner. Can I just say that making a trip to Wichita just to eat Bella Luna is worth it? That place is sooo good...I'd take some hummus right now. 

My little sister and mom
Ali's friend Amelia (they look more alike than we do)
Dad and Bry

On Sunday, my parents left and Bryan and I drove to Salina to hangout with his family. We ate, played with our niece and nephew, and watched wedding videos because we were really there to celebrate Bryan's parent's anniversary. 
Monday, we all went to the Eisenhower Presidential Museum. I loved it, but I'm a history teacher so that would be expected. 

(the following pictures are mainly of our niece and nephew...sorry to our family...apparently when their around they steal the show from everyone else!)

ANYTHING they do with Uncle Bryan is fun

Jaylee and Uncle "Bynan"

We may or may not have rode the wheelchair lift...exhilarating I tell you

Picnic lunch with all 12 of us...sorry honey, I've always had a big head!
The long weekend ended on a whim, actually. We brought Benson back home with us. He and I went to the library and waterpark. We ate lunch with Bryan at work, and later that night we all went to the movies to see "HOP." He's such a fun kid, we kind of love him. 

I'm throwing a friend a baby shower on Saturday so a post to come on that! 
Happy Thursday :)


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