It's Only Monday?

I know it's Tuesday. But this is what I was thinking last Monday after the first day of Day Camp was over. 

Now, don't get me wrong. We LOVE Day Camp (which is like a huge version of VBS). It's awesome to see the powerful things God is doing in little people's hearts. Because He does, you know. 
But, it is stinking exhausting! All day long Monday through Friday, all day long in the heat. 

So after the first day was over, I was getting overwhelmed and super tired thinking about the four days left. Nevertheless, we survived and it was a wonderful week!

Bryan calls Day Camp Week the Super Bowl of children's ministry. So it's kind of a big deal to him. It seems like planning starts in November or December. 
And by the time the big week rolls around, he is running around nonstop, along with his directors, making sure all 500+ kids and leaders are good-to-go. 

What can I say? My husband is super awesome at his job. His leadership is purposeful and full of wisdom and thoughtfulness. Plus, he's really ridiculously good with kids.

Behold The Kid Whisperer:

The girls especially love him. I don't blame them. He's quite the looker. 

After the last session on Friday, we headed to Zoo Night which is basically the "Finale" of Day Camp. I didn't get any pictures of the evening except for when we were leaving to get in the car.

Please enjoy a sample of Bryan's sweatyness (that's definitely not a word). I'm pretty sure he sweat through his clothes a couple of times that day. 

Here is what we looked like at the beginning of the day Friday:

And at the end:

Those faces may be posed but I guarantee you, we were feelin' it.

A pit-stop at this place...
...and we were home watching a movie and stuffing our faces. 
And Bryan might have slept in until 11 Saturday morning.

Hey don't judge, we're getting our rest for next year :)


The Battershells said...

Your blog is adorable--stumbled upon it through another blog! Day camp sounds awesome.

I have a fun giveaway going on over at my blog--you should come by and enter! www.samandlaurenbattershell.blogspot.com

Jami Nato said...

It's crazy to see Bryan all grown up... Ha.

You guys are too cute.

lgraves said...

other than the sweat rings ... you guys look great. showers and cleanliness are over-rated!

way to go using your camera!!! practice, practice, practice!

The Frenchs said...

Hi, Ashely, just wanted you to know I found your sweet blog and am now a follower! Hope you are well!