Too Little to be So Big

My sister that is. Ali is 17 TODAY! 
We are 6.5 years apart, which to me is a lot. I think I'm just in denial that she is a senior in high school...didn't I just graduate high school? Apparently not, my friends. 
We pretty much don't look anything alike. But dang, she's pretty. Pretty GORGEOUS.

Al, I'm so blessed to have YOU as my sister. We are so opposite it's ridiculous but I wouldn't have it any other way. You are spontaneous and compassionate. You truly live in the moment. People tell me I'm straight forward and honest, but you my sister, are even more so.

I love that our relationship is continually growing and I pray that we will always turn to each other and know that acceptance and unconditional love will be found.

God has really big things in store for you, Al. I know it, and I pray it. 

So...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY! Have Crazy Fun and party it up! You are my favorite :)

Definitely one of our finer moments.

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