Bryan loves soccer. Like really, really, ridiculously loves soccer. I mean, he is a national champion so he's got skillz. He also makes excel spreadsheets of soccer stats. You're welcome, babe :)

So since Bry loves soccer, I love soccer. I love what he loves. That's love, right? But seriously, I have really grown to enjoy the sport and get psyched to go to games.

Last week, we drove North and went to a Sporting KC game. Now another reason I miss living in Kansas City because it was SO much fun. Awesome stadium. Awesome atmosphere. The tickets were priced good and the stadium food was pretty cheap compared to other major sports.

By far, the best part was the company. We went with several of Bryan's college friends and their now wives. We're all friends now so it's good times when we're together. 

I will say one thing that made me laugh about this gathering of friends though...we got there and I suggested all the girls sit together and all the guys sit together behind us. So we did that and the girls talked a lot of course...especially Valerie and I to each other. So during and after halftime all the girls except Val and I ended up sitting back with their husbands.

I thought this was hilarious and reasoned it was because Val and I have both been married for 3ish years now and all the other couples are in their first year. So basically Valerie and I decided we are past the "newlywed" stage. We don't need to sit with our husbands anymore. I mean, I had just drove 3 hours in the car with him.
Okay, so maybe you had to be there to think it was funny. But we did.
Da Boysies

Val and I...yeah she's super cute.

The night really ended at four in the morning when we got home. That part was not fun. But it was worth it. 

Thanks guys, for going with us!


XC Camp

Every summer for like ever, my Dad takes his cross-country team to Colorado for a week of high-altitude training. (Yeah, he's pretty much the best coach that ever was).

I've always wanted to go, but have never been able too because of summer classes or summer jobs. But I'm a teacher now, which means I have nothing better to do on my summer days than sit around and eat bon-bons.

So I left with my mom and Aunt Christy the day before the team was leaving. We go early to grocery shop for the team and have dinner ready when they arrive the first evening.

We shopped for 55 people. For 5 days. With a small SUV and a carry-top. Obviously the shopping was easy. Three hours and SEVEN carts later we started packing the car....wondering when we would have to call it quits and let the campers pick up the rest on the way up.

But thanks to Christy and her organization skillz, we fit all of it in.

The next five days were mostly spent working: cooking, running around to the team cabins and restocking, doing yucky boys' laundry, more grocery shopping, and TONS OF DISHES.
Christy was usually doing something like this.
Grand Lake, Colorado is my favorite place on earth. We vacationed at the family cabin since I was little, I fell in love with Bryan there, Bryan and I honeymooned there. It's perfect. So those rare few hours we had free were beautiful. We hiked, went into town, got ice cream, enjoyed a bonfire, and savored every inhale of fresh mountain air.

My mom planking on a hike. she.is.awesome.

We hiked down to the CO River and right after we got there these golden retrievers emerged one-by-one and ran into the river...I think there were 4 or 5 in all.
On Wednesday night, Bryan drove up to spend the rest of the week with me. LOVE HIM! I was so glad he could come and get away for a few days.

Exhausting trip? Yes. Fun? So much. I loved getting momma and aunt time. And then hubby time. 
We shall make this a yearly tradition. 


just call him "The Rev"

It's official. My husband is a real-deal ordained, marry em' and burry em' minister of the Lord. Amen.

Here is the invite we sent out for the big day. I decided the party theme would be pennants, burlap, and red gingham. And by "decided" I mean stole, from here. It was fun to make everything and decorate.

Cole (Bry's BFF) and Valerie and Jared came into town Friday night. Valerie and I did the lady-thang and chatted it up. And, surprisingly the guys mostly did this as well because our PS3 is on the fritz, thus no FIFA. 
Great friends are priceless. Cliche, but so true.

On Saturday, the crowds arrived. Both of Bryan's grandmas came which was really special. And of course his immediate family and mine. And a lot of other friends and fam.

The ceremony was really wonderful. I tested the waters making a slideshow and hope to never make one again. It luckily turned out okay, but it had "amateur" written all over it.

Leah and Jason sang "Wait and See" by Brandon Heath. They were awesome, as usual.

Bryan shared some things about his family and upbringing and gave his testimony. I'm not going to spill all the dirt on my husband (love you, honey) but Bryan has kind of been two people in his life. "Bad Bryan" and "Good Bryan." Or maybe "Bad Bryan" and "Redeemed Bryan." But really, that sums up all of us, right?

Anyways...Bryan gets a little emotional when he talks about his family and his journey which means everyone gets emotional because a grown man is crying.

Cole, and Bryan's boss Todd both spoke. Their words were a huge blessing and several people prayed over Bryan as well.

After that, we celebrated with a BBQ at our house and Spear's pies for dessert. We also attempted to stay cool since it was hotter than fire outside.

This is our nephew, Benson. He pulled Bryan over to these chairs so they could "talk." Hilarious.

I'm SO proud of my husband. I know his ministry isn't really "his" ministry because God is equipping him with everything he needs and Bry also has phenomenal volunteers, but he works really stinkin' hard. Like 50+ hours a week. So it was really special to get to honor him and see his cup filled.

Thanks to everyone who came and shared with us :) 

-Rev's Wife.  Hah!


South Dakota

Yikes! I am behind on blogging. Sorry, I'll try to do better.

Can I just say I ADORE my extended family? I seriously think we are way more fun than other families and I think some of my childhood friends would attest to this. They have seen my family's craziness firsthand.

So about a week ago, I (somewhat) randomly decided to join the rest of my family in South Dakota (where one of my aunts lives). They had been planning for months to head up that way and I just couldn't resist.

So I made the drive with two of my aunts, my cousin, and my sister. And I have to say that the trip there and back was CRAZY. Flooding in Iowa caused us a 2.5 hour detour making an 11 hour trip a 13.5 hour trip. Fun Times!

Here is a road-trip recap that is mainly for myself and those in the car:  Packing and repacking the car (apparently I overpack) - squished between Sarah and Ali who texted for the majority - Toni making gourmet sandwiches (who brings slices of onions, tomatoes, avacado, and fresh spinach in the car?!) - Spot It game - "We'll be in there in about an hour" - Native Americans - the hooded girl - several closed gas stations - 6 hour, non-stop, strobe-light lightning - tornado watch - "Is that a tornado or rainbow?" - a freaking zoo on 71 highway (5 deer, 3 coons, 1 cat, and a turtle) - Sarah, Ali, and I accidentally using the men's restroom at a gas station -

It was a TRIP. Literally and figurativly.

After we arrived at Jamie's, we all headed to Hill City - a quaint little town in the hills of South Dakota. We stayed at a great cabin and spent the next two days eating, playing games, horseback riding, biking on the George S. Michelson Trail which was steps from the cabin, shopping in town, and surviving an insane hail storm. 

A LOT of photos to follow...I should learn how to make a video instead... 
Bike Trail and our Cabin

Me, Jamie, Toni, and Christy (my other aunt didn't come...boo Dori)

Cousins...Kyle, Sarah, Ali

It was beautiful outside when the hail stopped. Great lighting.

Wrestling crazies.


She will be so mad I posted this but how could I not? My mom and aunts were all seeing if they could touch their foot to their face...I shall not reveal the results.

sister, cousin, mom, aunt

Cheesy posed picture...I wanted to remember who all was there! We are missing my uncle Chris who disappeared somewhere.
Overall, a super fun vaca! We got home around 4 am on Monday and my sister came back to Wichita with me for the week. No pictures because we spent most of our time at the pool getting roasted. 

Bryan is being ordained this weekend! He will "officially" be a minister, people. So watch yourself around him, he has holy powers. Okay, not really. Tons of people coming to our house, tons of food, and tons to do to get ready!

I'm out.