Bryan loves soccer. Like really, really, ridiculously loves soccer. I mean, he is a national champion so he's got skillz. He also makes excel spreadsheets of soccer stats. You're welcome, babe :)

So since Bry loves soccer, I love soccer. I love what he loves. That's love, right? But seriously, I have really grown to enjoy the sport and get psyched to go to games.

Last week, we drove North and went to a Sporting KC game. Now another reason I miss living in Kansas City because it was SO much fun. Awesome stadium. Awesome atmosphere. The tickets were priced good and the stadium food was pretty cheap compared to other major sports.

By far, the best part was the company. We went with several of Bryan's college friends and their now wives. We're all friends now so it's good times when we're together. 

I will say one thing that made me laugh about this gathering of friends though...we got there and I suggested all the girls sit together and all the guys sit together behind us. So we did that and the girls talked a lot of course...especially Valerie and I to each other. So during and after halftime all the girls except Val and I ended up sitting back with their husbands.

I thought this was hilarious and reasoned it was because Val and I have both been married for 3ish years now and all the other couples are in their first year. So basically Valerie and I decided we are past the "newlywed" stage. We don't need to sit with our husbands anymore. I mean, I had just drove 3 hours in the car with him.
Okay, so maybe you had to be there to think it was funny. But we did.
Da Boysies

Val and I...yeah she's super cute.

The night really ended at four in the morning when we got home. That part was not fun. But it was worth it. 

Thanks guys, for going with us!


lgraves said...

both those ending faces are darling!

Brielle Dunham said...

oh my! So cute, so cute! Seriously you and Val are way cuter than those crazy boys. :) I am jealous you went to KC Sporting, i want ot go so bad! : )