just call him "The Rev"

It's official. My husband is a real-deal ordained, marry em' and burry em' minister of the Lord. Amen.

Here is the invite we sent out for the big day. I decided the party theme would be pennants, burlap, and red gingham. And by "decided" I mean stole, from here. It was fun to make everything and decorate.

Cole (Bry's BFF) and Valerie and Jared came into town Friday night. Valerie and I did the lady-thang and chatted it up. And, surprisingly the guys mostly did this as well because our PS3 is on the fritz, thus no FIFA. 
Great friends are priceless. Cliche, but so true.

On Saturday, the crowds arrived. Both of Bryan's grandmas came which was really special. And of course his immediate family and mine. And a lot of other friends and fam.

The ceremony was really wonderful. I tested the waters making a slideshow and hope to never make one again. It luckily turned out okay, but it had "amateur" written all over it.

Leah and Jason sang "Wait and See" by Brandon Heath. They were awesome, as usual.

Bryan shared some things about his family and upbringing and gave his testimony. I'm not going to spill all the dirt on my husband (love you, honey) but Bryan has kind of been two people in his life. "Bad Bryan" and "Good Bryan." Or maybe "Bad Bryan" and "Redeemed Bryan." But really, that sums up all of us, right?

Anyways...Bryan gets a little emotional when he talks about his family and his journey which means everyone gets emotional because a grown man is crying.

Cole, and Bryan's boss Todd both spoke. Their words were a huge blessing and several people prayed over Bryan as well.

After that, we celebrated with a BBQ at our house and Spear's pies for dessert. We also attempted to stay cool since it was hotter than fire outside.

This is our nephew, Benson. He pulled Bryan over to these chairs so they could "talk." Hilarious.

I'm SO proud of my husband. I know his ministry isn't really "his" ministry because God is equipping him with everything he needs and Bry also has phenomenal volunteers, but he works really stinkin' hard. Like 50+ hours a week. So it was really special to get to honor him and see his cup filled.

Thanks to everyone who came and shared with us :) 

-Rev's Wife.  Hah!


Ewing Family said...

Love it! I really wish we could have been there! Congrats Bryan!!

Brielle Dunham said...

Oh Ash!!! This was a lovely post, just lovely!!! : ) You seriously have a gift of writing. Nice pictures too! <3 I had a great time down there that weekend. You and Bryan are amazing! Love ya both!

audrey said...

GO BRYAN!! i almost started crying just thinking about all of you crying...is it pregnancy? probably. but whatev'. you did a great job decorating! and i love that photo of the whole fam...good times!

Anonymous said...

Ash and Bryan, it was so special to be able to celebrate your special day with you! Bryan, we are so very proud of you. You are so special to our family, we are lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have Ashley. You will make a huge difference in childrens lives! Keep up the great work. Love, Toni

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Benson and Bryan. I was there when Benson asked Bryan to come sit down so they could talk. It was so cute, and this picture captures the moment. Mom