XC Camp

Every summer for like ever, my Dad takes his cross-country team to Colorado for a week of high-altitude training. (Yeah, he's pretty much the best coach that ever was).

I've always wanted to go, but have never been able too because of summer classes or summer jobs. But I'm a teacher now, which means I have nothing better to do on my summer days than sit around and eat bon-bons.

So I left with my mom and Aunt Christy the day before the team was leaving. We go early to grocery shop for the team and have dinner ready when they arrive the first evening.

We shopped for 55 people. For 5 days. With a small SUV and a carry-top. Obviously the shopping was easy. Three hours and SEVEN carts later we started packing the car....wondering when we would have to call it quits and let the campers pick up the rest on the way up.

But thanks to Christy and her organization skillz, we fit all of it in.

The next five days were mostly spent working: cooking, running around to the team cabins and restocking, doing yucky boys' laundry, more grocery shopping, and TONS OF DISHES.
Christy was usually doing something like this.
Grand Lake, Colorado is my favorite place on earth. We vacationed at the family cabin since I was little, I fell in love with Bryan there, Bryan and I honeymooned there. It's perfect. So those rare few hours we had free were beautiful. We hiked, went into town, got ice cream, enjoyed a bonfire, and savored every inhale of fresh mountain air.

My mom planking on a hike. she.is.awesome.

We hiked down to the CO River and right after we got there these golden retrievers emerged one-by-one and ran into the river...I think there were 4 or 5 in all.
On Wednesday night, Bryan drove up to spend the rest of the week with me. LOVE HIM! I was so glad he could come and get away for a few days.

Exhausting trip? Yes. Fun? So much. I loved getting momma and aunt time. And then hubby time. 
We shall make this a yearly tradition. 

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The Frenchs said...

Oh I would love a trip to CO right now! How fun!