South Dakota

Yikes! I am behind on blogging. Sorry, I'll try to do better.

Can I just say I ADORE my extended family? I seriously think we are way more fun than other families and I think some of my childhood friends would attest to this. They have seen my family's craziness firsthand.

So about a week ago, I (somewhat) randomly decided to join the rest of my family in South Dakota (where one of my aunts lives). They had been planning for months to head up that way and I just couldn't resist.

So I made the drive with two of my aunts, my cousin, and my sister. And I have to say that the trip there and back was CRAZY. Flooding in Iowa caused us a 2.5 hour detour making an 11 hour trip a 13.5 hour trip. Fun Times!

Here is a road-trip recap that is mainly for myself and those in the car:  Packing and repacking the car (apparently I overpack) - squished between Sarah and Ali who texted for the majority - Toni making gourmet sandwiches (who brings slices of onions, tomatoes, avacado, and fresh spinach in the car?!) - Spot It game - "We'll be in there in about an hour" - Native Americans - the hooded girl - several closed gas stations - 6 hour, non-stop, strobe-light lightning - tornado watch - "Is that a tornado or rainbow?" - a freaking zoo on 71 highway (5 deer, 3 coons, 1 cat, and a turtle) - Sarah, Ali, and I accidentally using the men's restroom at a gas station -

It was a TRIP. Literally and figurativly.

After we arrived at Jamie's, we all headed to Hill City - a quaint little town in the hills of South Dakota. We stayed at a great cabin and spent the next two days eating, playing games, horseback riding, biking on the George S. Michelson Trail which was steps from the cabin, shopping in town, and surviving an insane hail storm. 

A LOT of photos to follow...I should learn how to make a video instead... 
Bike Trail and our Cabin

Me, Jamie, Toni, and Christy (my other aunt didn't come...boo Dori)

Cousins...Kyle, Sarah, Ali

It was beautiful outside when the hail stopped. Great lighting.

Wrestling crazies.


She will be so mad I posted this but how could I not? My mom and aunts were all seeing if they could touch their foot to their face...I shall not reveal the results.

sister, cousin, mom, aunt

Cheesy posed picture...I wanted to remember who all was there! We are missing my uncle Chris who disappeared somewhere.
Overall, a super fun vaca! We got home around 4 am on Monday and my sister came back to Wichita with me for the week. No pictures because we spent most of our time at the pool getting roasted. 

Bryan is being ordained this weekend! He will "officially" be a minister, people. So watch yourself around him, he has holy powers. Okay, not really. Tons of people coming to our house, tons of food, and tons to do to get ready!

I'm out. 

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Anonymous said...

Ashley, that was such a good time and i am soooo glad you decided to come! Fun, fun, fun!
I dont think it is very often you can say that a 13 hour ride both ways was as much fun as our rides were!!
Thanks for the good memories and pictures.
Love, Aunt Toni