School is now in Session

A teacher's work is never done. But I guess that's any work, huh? No wonder we have to go back day after day after day! 

Well today was my last teacher work day before students walk through my door. It was a long day full of lesson planning, room preparing, and copy requesting. A productive day if I say so myself. 

I thought someone out there might like to see where I spend my 9-to-5, er more like 7-to-3. Plus, I always want to remember what my first classroom looked like. It's all about the memories.  

(Oh and don't judge my creativity or lack there of...remember I am a middle school teacher, not an elementary teacher...we don't get crafty on a regular basis)

This is as much for myself as for the students. Bright and cheery :)
The view as you enter. My desks are always like this. It's different than most teachers but I like it because it allows me to move around the room easily and for more student-student-teacher interaction. 
View from opposite side
This is "Homework Center." Students turn in work here that's on time, late, or absent labeled by their appropriate hour.
I teach two subjects - both to 8th graders. Here is where students pick up absent work. It's attached to an absent sheet and put in the folder for the day they missed (i.e. Monday or Wednesday etc). I love this system because students aren't coming to me constantly asking what they missed and what homework they have. 

I LOVE this bulletin board fabric. It's fun and kind of cheesy, and full of a lot of color.
This is what I'm calling the "student center." Last year, I regularly had students coming to my desk to use the stapler or get tape, etc. And I don't like students all up in my business, ya know? So this table has all that and more. 
And here is my desk. Last year it was in the opposite corner of the room and it was just awkward all year long. So far, I'm loving this new set up. My corner is a little sparse but some family pictures are coming :)
Maybe you're thinking my room is really nice? Well you are right. I have an awesome corner room with a window. Windows are coveted in school buildings. I am SO blessed with my job. God answered some serious prayers last year when I landed at this school. 

Yay for teaching. I adore it.
Let the year begin! 


Work It

Time for school, fools. Yes, it's true - next Tuesday I have students. For now, I'm back in my classroom setting up and planning lessons.

I really hope being back doesn't hinder my blogging...thankfully at school they don't block "Blogger." Unlike everything else. Seriously: Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Pinterest, Netflix. What am I? An eighth grader? No, no I am not. But I do teach them. Okay, I'm done venting.

Onward -> Last weekend, Bryan and I went to KC. It's not very often that we go together for a full weekend, since Bryan usually has to get his preach on. We spent time with his family, my family, and friends. Good times, but no pictures. Lo siento.

For a long time, my family has been trying to get "real" family pictures taken. Well we finally did it. 
Actually, Allison took them. She was so wonderful. And we are so pumped about our pictures.
If you're needing a photographer, she is eager for work :)  

Here is the link to our fam pics.
And Here is the link to pictures of the hottest guy in the world and myself. 

Enjoy. We worked it.

Thanks so much, Allison :)