Work It

Time for school, fools. Yes, it's true - next Tuesday I have students. For now, I'm back in my classroom setting up and planning lessons.

I really hope being back doesn't hinder my blogging...thankfully at school they don't block "Blogger." Unlike everything else. Seriously: Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Pinterest, Netflix. What am I? An eighth grader? No, no I am not. But I do teach them. Okay, I'm done venting.

Onward -> Last weekend, Bryan and I went to KC. It's not very often that we go together for a full weekend, since Bryan usually has to get his preach on. We spent time with his family, my family, and friends. Good times, but no pictures. Lo siento.

For a long time, my family has been trying to get "real" family pictures taken. Well we finally did it. 
Actually, Allison took them. She was so wonderful. And we are so pumped about our pictures.
If you're needing a photographer, she is eager for work :)  

Here is the link to our fam pics.
And Here is the link to pictures of the hottest guy in the world and myself. 

Enjoy. We worked it.

Thanks so much, Allison :)


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audrey said...

man, you and bryan need to have babies. i want to see the gap models you produce! love the photos...you guys know how to rock the camera!