We like being old

I guess I tried to warn myself about not blogging once school started. apparently, it didn't work. now that I have full days, it's hard to decide when to fit it in. hopefully I'll get better. plus, we are pretty boring. If you were a fly on our wall, you would probably think we were oldies living in young bodies. oh well.

A few exciting things have occurred. 
Bryan's Birthday! The big 2-7 this year. I LOVE birthdays. Or I guess I love any excuse to celebrate something. You know -- buy presents, go out to eat, CAKE, be with family & friends, etc. Bryan on the other hand could really care less about his day of birth. So in opposite fashion, he hears my excitement in the weeks leading to his big day.

This year I decided to surprise him and invite his family down to celebrate with us. We didn't do anything too crazy -- just ate Stromboli (DELISH, thanks Mark and Laura!) and I bought B-Day Cake Remix from Coldstone (which by the way...a half-gallon was 12 bucks! ridic, but sooo worth it). After stuffing our faces we stayed up late catching up.

 I also went and visited my bestie in Texas. Remember how she did a terrible-awful thing and moved?! Well I hadn't seen her since then and since she had Nora. The trip was too short but much needed. 

I got a lot of Nora and Alexa time. Tracie showed me around McKinney, we went to In-N-Out, and went shopping at an outlet mall. I was able to attend their new church with them. And the best part of the trip besides being with my friend and her fam was....IKEA!!! Ahhh, it was glorious. I bought a new rug and a few picture frames. And mentally stored away several more things to pick up next time :)

After I left, I realized this was the only picture we got together...we'll do better next time!
Jojo having fun with my phone
This was hilarious. She was totally posing for the camera over and over again.

the cutest.
Smilin for her momma.

warm, fuzzy feelings at this point

LOVE this fam!

So that's been our life the last few weeks. Oh and using every spare minute we have to get ready for our vaca to EUROPE!! Yep, we leave in 23 days. Backpacking through 7 countries with the greatest person ever! Can't wait for that adventure.