Tours & Tears - London Part 2

Okay, London Part 2: Go!

On the third day, we woke up early to head to Wellington Arch and join this free walking tour. Our guide's name was Andrew and he definitely had that dry British humor and thinks all American's are fat and lazy. Which after being in Europe, we may have observed this to be true. sigh...

Wellington Arch

Ready to see London
Take a moment and enjoy this. Just soak it in. People watching is good all over the world :)
Our stops along the tour included:
-The Apsley House
-Green Park (where there are no flowers because one of the Queens found out the King had cheated on her and ordered all his flowers removed...she told him)
-Constitution Drive
-Buckingham Palace
-Pall Mall (a really expensive street in London)
-Number 10 Downing Street (Prime Minister's Residence)
-Big Ben
-Westminster Abbey

Andrew knew a lot of sweet, random information at each place. And he made fun of all the nationalities along the way, which was entertaining. 

Buckingham. The Royals weren't in. How Rude.

For as jam-packed and crowded as London is, this is a HUGE courtyard where they used to have jousting-like competitions.

Our guide, Andrew

After the tour, we went to the Evensong service at Westminster Abbey. Since it's actually a church service, we didn't have to pay to enter. We are smart tourists, yes we are. 
The service was breathtaking. We got to hear the boys choir that sang at the recent royal wedding. Moment of truth: we both fell asleep in the service. Like head nodding then looking around to check if anyone noticed. Give us a break. We were still recovering from jet-lag and the choir was like a bedtime serenade.

We were starving at this point in our day and went to Fire Station Pub in London. Another great choice. I had a fancy chicken sandwich and Bryan had a meat pie. 

The rest of the evening was spent walking along the Thames River and seeing the Tower Bridge and the London Tower where the crown jewels are kept. 

The last and most anticipated day in London...the Fulham Soccer Match. We were pumped for this and headed to Fulham early. After going to the fan shop and getting geared up, we met an American who lives in London and told us to go the Crabtree Pub before the game. The atmosphere was just what Bryan wanted. Everyone was Fulham fans and were getting ready for the game. 
Walking from the pub to the match was sweet because everyone fills the streets, singing and chanting their team songs. 

From the states, we had bought neutral/away tickets because they were the cheapest we could find. So being the rule-followers that we are, we found our exact section, row and seat number and found ourselves in the exact middle of all the away fans. Wearing our Fulham Jerseys.
And for anyone reading this who isn't familiar with European soccer, fans are WAY different than here. Like super crazy, passionate about everything. They pretty much yell the F-bomb at the other team and even their own the entire game. Even the songs/chants have the F-bomb in it. Commonplace there, apparently.
So, I am literally scared.to.death. I'm trying (but failing) not to cry. And it's not me I'm worried about. I mean seriously, I am a girl, what are they going to do? But my husband on the other hand is going to be trampled on and beaten. I'm sure of it. Oh and it doesn't help that Fulham is killing QPR like 3-0. 
The guy next to us was actually pretty nice and kept telling me that he was sure we'd be fine. None the less, we moved at half-time and sat next to sane people. And I actually enjoyed myself and the game. 

Clint Dempsey (the American) had just scored.

The original Craven Cottage - the stadium name

When we got back into downtown London, we grabbed a quick snack and realized at the bistro that Bryan didn't have his debit card (insert heavy breathing and on-set panic attacks). We hurried to get back to Geoff & Sylvia's where we found that the card was left at the pub. They destroyed it and we had our bank cancel it, and that was our other minor step-up on the trip.

We said our goodbyes to the Shorey's and went to bed.
The Shorey's. Fabulous people!

Stay tuned: Paris awaits!


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