Basil in Basel

Basil has nothing to do with Basel or this post. It just worked and I'm not feeling very creative. Go with it!

It's Sunday evening and I'm gearing up for the week back to school. Thanksgiving was a treat. We were with Bryan's fam. 12 people in one house - that's a lot of family love. It was actually Thanksmas for us. We celebrated both because we won't be together for Christmas.

The hubs is in Africa for two weeks. I like being by myself and getting Cold Stone ice cream whenever I want, but goodness I'm missing him. He definitely makes life fun. I'm exited to hear how God is going to use him and his team to serve the people of Nairobi. 

While he's gone, I'm going to remodel my basement. Okay, not really but this is going to be done soon. I am going to finish Europe blogs though...

After Venice we set off for Basel, Switzerland. Basel is located in the North part of Switzerland right by the Rhine River and minutes from Germany and France. We stayed with Fred and Christina who are the parents of a woman we go to church with. I am so thankful we were able to connect with people over in Europe. It definitely made those places so much sweeter and it was great to make new friends!

Fred and Christina have a separate, awesome guest quarter in their house and we stayed there.
The corner room is the guest quarter.

That first morning, I woke up and went on a run through the Swiss countryside. It was one of the best runs I've ever had. The scenery was breathtaking and it was a perfectly sunny day. Christina made a great lunch for us which we enjoyed with her, Fred, and their son Andreas and included: egg noodles and meatballs, salad, fresh bread, and cranberry sauce. 
Taken with my iPhone on my running path. Mountains in the distance.
The view from Fred and Christina's home.

Their home was gorgeous and they had a saweet IKEA kitchen.

The rest of the day was spent touring Basel. Fred and Christina took us to Dreiländereck. This means Three Countries' Corner and is literally where Switzerland, France, and Germany all meet. We walked in a circle and went through three countries...kind of like Four Corners. From there, we went down to the Rhine River and we took a ferry across to see some extremely old, historic buildings. Many dated back to 1200 and 1300. America is still such a baby nation compared to other parts of the world.

Fred and Christina took us to Les Trois Rois which is the Three Kings Hotel, for coffee. It's a five-star hotel. I think Bryan and I felt like the Beverly Hillbilly's it was so fancy. We had such a wonderful time getting to to know Fred and Christina. They are so passionate about their faith and their ministry and it was refreshing to hear how God is moving in Basel.

The ferry...really cool because it's completely powered by the current.
Our Ferryman. Really cool because he's completely powered by his colors. Taste the Rainbow.

Basel City Hall. In old times, if someone broke a law they stood here and passerbyers made snarky comments to them. I think we should start this again with children. Yes? Anybody?

From the hotel, we walked through downtown Basel a little more. Fred is/was a professional tennis player. Like, he's kind of a big deal. He showed us where he grew up playing tennis at TC Old Boys which is where he won his first national championship and went professional and also where Roger Federer grew up playing. Fred knows Roger. For reals. 

On our last day in Basel, Bryan woke up early to play tennis with Fred. He came back very sweaty so I think Fred worked him pretty hard, haha. I went on a rainy, yet gorgeous run and Bryan and I headed downtown to do some shopping. Mostly, everything was woah expensive, but we did go to H&M and and I got a dress. We also bought some swiss chocolate and cheese, of course.

When we got back to the house, Fred and Christina were gone so we went on a walk and came upon a fun park with a zip-line and a farm with cows. moo. 

Apparently zip-lines make him feel barbaric. Please appreciate his mullet tuft blowing in the wind.

Our walk was so nice and when we got back, Christina made us pumpkin soup. It was so indescribably delicious my mouth is watering just thinking of it. Then we said our goodbyes and Fred took us to the train station. He prayed over Bryan and I and we felt so incredibly blessed to have gotten the chance to know Fred and Christina. Basel was perfect and we are dying to go back.

Our new friends and hosts. Thank you so much!


Gene said...

Hey look, another picture of Bryan looking at his phone =)

Carol Dunham said...

The pictures get better and better each place. My parents had cast friends in Switzerland and when I lived in France I spent many weekends with them. Love, love, Switzerland!