Is it the braid?

Eighth graders are so many things. Moody, cheesy, awkward, self-centered, child-like, growing up too fast, and still at the age where their teachers could be cool, maybe.

Above all else, they are honest. Brutally honest.

I wore this outfit sometime this week:

I look angry, sorry about that.

Okay so the reason for this post is that I received numerous comments about this outfit.

4th hour: Mrs. Dunham, you look like a modern Sacagawea.
5th hour: Mrs. Dunham, you look like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
6th hour: Mrs. Dunham, you look like Amelia Earhart. 

Really? Is it the braid? You can't get more pasty-white than me this time of year, so I'm thinking Sacagawea is out. The other two just blow my mind.
Not really tracking with you guys, but thanks...?

Anyways, I post this not to fish for compliments on my apparent wardrobe malfunction -- I kind of have my own style -- but to show a glimpse into how I never know what to expect when I go to work each day.

Perhaps I will wear this outfit to something else and I will channel my Native American, no-place-like-home, flying high awesomness while thinking of my honest, but well-meaning eighth graders.

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lgraves said...

i dig the whole ashley lavone webb-dunham package ... braid and all.