My Little Blonde Boy - Roma Part 2

Saturday mornings are my FAV. I love sleeping in so much I start looking forward to it around Tuesday Monday. I also try to get stuff done on Saturdays. Blogging is one among many on the list today. I haven't felt like blogging much but I have.to.finish Europe. 

Our second day in Rome was just as full as the first. And included more walking if that is possible. We grabbed breakfast at a bakery and set out for the COLOSSEUM. We are both history-nerds so our excitement level was topping the charts. It was a lovely walk through a park with my favorite trees :)

First Glimpse.
Handsome man. His hair was getting long. First think to do back in the states: haircut
There really aren't adequate adjectives (did you like that alliteration?) to describe the Colosseum. We wandered around for a long while just soaking it in and trying to imagine everything that once occurred there. 
If you ever to go Rome, pay for a tour of the Colosseum. We didn't :( and wish we would have because although we learned a lot on our own, we could hear snippets of tours around us and the guides knew everything about everything.  

The partial floor/platform is rebuilt but that's where the original platform was and stretched across the whole bottom
I just liked both of these pictures. Love my fabric-scrap scarf from my momma!
Afterwards, we enjoyed walking through the park so much that we decided to go back and just relax for a while. Like I said in a previous post, people watching in Europe is superb. We started to notice a lot of women with babies/toddlers. And none of the children looked like their "mothers." And some of the women were noticeably older. And then a light bulb went off: Nanny Park. 

We were in -- what we dubbed -- Nanny Park. It was confirmed when a mom showed up to get her kid. She looked fancy. And proceeded to let her nanny get her kid packed up in a stroller and also let her nanny push the kid while she walked along chatting on her phone. 

More Trees <3
Nannies. Please look closely. Or don't if you are eating. hah!
Oh Nanny Park, you did not disappoint in the people-watching department. 
At this point, we went to check into our 2nd room. We had to switch the second night because our lovely flat was already booked. So sad. But I liked this one too, and it had a balcony. Score. 

In the late-afternoon, we went to the Bone Church. A long time ago, monks decided to decorate with bones of fellow monks when they died. How thoughtful. When we got there, we were told no pictures (boo) by the lady at the door who called Bryan "a little blonde boy" somewhat seductively. Always the ladies man. 
Go here to see pictures. I would say fascinating, morbid, and really gross sum it up nicely.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around Rome and taking pictures. Then it was then dinner time. And we wanted an Italian meal. Like pasta and bread. So we went back to the Pantheon Square and ate at Di Renzio. Bry got spaghetti and I got Ravioli. 
And get this, we also got toasted pita bread. I asked for some marinara for dipping. Our waiter (who reminded me of the wedding planner from Father of the Bride), brought us mayonnaise. A huge multi-tablespoon serving of mayonnaise. He told us it was very very good. And we were like ummm, pass. It was hilarious. Apparently marinara is an American thing...or something. 

Blurry, but our yumo mayo.
And then it was pretty much time to say goodbye to Roma and go catch some shut-eye. We did snap a few more fotos. 
I in no way attempt to be a photographer nor claim to take good pictures. Except for this one. Favorite pic of the whole trip. No editing. Just sweet lighting. 

Only three more stops to go!

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