Picnics in Venice

Hello World! Let's hear it for Thanksgiving break and no school. I'm thankful that I'm more than halfway done blogging Europe. Don't get me wrong, I will love to look back on these when they are all posted, but it will be nice to move on to a new subject.

From Rome, we were off to Venice for a night and short day. Because we had such awesome weather in Rome, we expected Venice to be similar. Alas, this was not the case. We got off the train to heavy rain and cold! 
The view of Venice right outside the train station
We didn't actually stay in Venice because that place is ridonkulously (it's my blog, I can make up words if I want too) expensive. Their economy relies entirely on tourism.  Instead, we stayed inland in a town called Mogliano Veneto. Our hotel there was supa nice.  

Since it was already mid afternoon and cold and wet outside, we decided to enjoy our room and stay in for the rest of the day. We went to a small grocery store and bought some food and had a picnic on our bed. 
Thank goodness Italians created Nutella. We may have eaten the jar in 3 days.

At one point in our evening, we went and walked through Mogliano Veneto. 
Okay, so interruption for some background information. Right before we left Paris for Italy, Amanda Knox was released. I wouldn't say we were worried but we were being more cautious. So as we are walking through town, we pass by a store with a scary scene. A man was on the ground bent over something. We realized it was an American Flag and he was writing profanities all over it. Now perhaps this had absolutely nothing to do with the Amanda Knox thing, but that's immediately what came to my mind. Bryan and I both looked at each other, stopped talking, and kept walking.
It was frightening and it kind of upset me that other countries hate America so much. 

The next morning we packed our things and headed into Venice. Our train for Switzerland was leaving at 5:00 that evening so we had the day to see it all. We intended to get lockers at the train station, but the line was SO long that we decided to carry them around instead of lose precious time. Good decision for the sake of time, bad for our backs. 

A boat ride took us to San Marco's Square and from there we enjoyed walking through the streets of Venice. I say "streets," but they're only as wide as a hallway. For a late lunch, we picked an open square that had a small restaurant. To be honest, the food was good, but not anything special. I think that since tourism is all Venice is, the locals don't really care about giving good service, because they know that there will always be more tourists. We were just two of many.

There were SO many people in the square. Including monks.

No gondola ride for us. 80 Euros, I think not. I would rather spend that money on more food. Food always wins :)

Bryan was a much better sport about carrying his bags around. I whined a lot. What's new?

After lunch, I HAD to get gelato one more time before we left Italy. Even though lunch was just okay, the gelato was the BEST I've had.

And that was Venice. We were pretty amazed that the city is literally on water. It was neat.

Okay, that really is all of Venice and I am walking out the door to go to KC for Thanksgiving. 
Gobble Gobble.

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