Scusi...Roma Part 1

Aw, Roma. How I love thee. Rome will be two posts because we ADORED it so much. 

This stop in our trip started out perfectly: with the most lovely flat to stay in. These pictures won't do it justice, because I really don't know how to work my camera, It's still working me. 
We didn't actually stay in a hotel or hostel. Instead, it was a one room flat with a bathroom. It was just so Rome: teal & orange tile floors, white walls, a breezy balcony, and a view of other apartments. 

 At first, Bryan took a power nap and I just listened to music out on the balcony. We could have stayed in our room, but we made ourselves go explore the city. Our first stop was the Vatican. It's so interesting that it's an entire city with it's own police and everything. 
Vatican Sights:
-St. Peter's Square
-St. Peter's Basillica
-Sistine Chapel
-The Vatican Museum
The entrance into the square
Since the weather is still nice, mass is held outside...hence the chairs
This is the line to go into the museum...for reals. It extends far beyond both ends of the picture. We know the pope though so we didn't have to wait. Okay I lied. But really, we didn't have to wait because our tourist skillz are advanced.
That corner room is the pope's apartment. We were told he was in there doing his popey thing.
Public fountains are everywhere in Rome. At first I thought it was gross, but I guess it isn't any different than our public water fountains...
Unfortunately, we followed the rules and didn't get any pictures of the Sistine Chapel :( Ugh, why can't I be a rebel?? Is it because I am first born? I'm going with that...

One of the many reasons we loved Roma, is because it's really not that big of a city. We could walk everywhere and be there within 15 minutes or less. And it seemed like everywhere we walked was so ancient...when we turned a corner, we were usually looking at something awesome. So we saw A LOT in Rome, including...
-The Spanish Steps
-Castel Sant' Angelo
-Sant' Angelo Bridge
-Piazza Navona
-The Pantheon
-Temple of Hadrian
-The Trevi Fountain
I had to add this because it blows my mind. This is painted. There is nothing 3-D about it. Be amazed.
My favorite thing in Rome may just have been these trees. We saw them many places and they just seem so magical. I want them in Kansas, please.
The Pantheon. It sits in this square with a lot of restaurants and shops. So you are casually eating and also sitting to one of the oldest monuments in the world. No big deal.
Trevi Fountain. Loved it. Didn't so much love the hagglers trying to sell you things.
They say if you wish on a coin and throw it into the Trevi, you will be back in Rome some day. A girl can hope. They also say some Italian man has made more than 150,000 dollars collecting people's wishes. Hmm, who's got the better idea here...?

And last but not least, we ate! Surely, you don't think we skipped a meal, or that I would leave that out of the post...duhhh. Earlier, our tour guide had suggested two restaurants. We picked Ciccia Bomba (pronounced Cheecha Bomba). Definitely in our top three meals of the trip. Bryan got Sicilian Swordfish and I got Lemon Veal Scallops with roasted potatoes. And of course we ended the night with Gelato! Crazy good. 
I know this looks sick. Where your eyes deceive you, your taste buds do not.
Tiramisu, dark chocolate, and raspberry

Have sweet Roma dreams, I will be back with more :)

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