Births and Babes

Are all women great at multi-tasking? And all men are bad, right? That's the way it is here. I can do several things at once or carry multiple conversations...Bryan not so much. That's okay babe, you keep my head from spinning off :)

I'm on Christmas break and loving it. I'm serious, everyone should be a teacher. It's the best. Today I'm knocking out my list. Multi-taskers love lists...duh.

Christmas grocery shopping & rando errands
My birthday was last week, yayyy. I'm 24 but according to my students I look like I'm 16. Awesome. More than ever this year, I've felt like time is speeding up as I get older. It just seems like time is so fleeting. I've also been reading Ecclesiastes so maybe I keep remembering that "everything is meaningless." It makes me very thankful that I have hope in Jesus.
While Bryan was in Africa, I bought myself  this  hair curler. I got it for $100 bucks. Dave Ramsey would be proud. Rarely do I spend a hundred dollars so this is kind of my birthday/Christmas present. It's amazing, people. Go out and get yourself one and master your haggling skills.

Bryan took me to Sabor for my birthday dinner. It's a Latin Bar & Grill. I got the churrasco steak and he got tilapia. Then we went to ColdStone. I may or may not have gone there 3 times while Bryan was gone. I need an intervention...

It was a great birthday. I'm glad to be alive.

We miraculously had a free night this past weekend and went to the Hat (Manhattan) to see our brand-spankin-new nephew.

Introducing mj gant:

Bryan's sister and I have known each other since we were 11 and we were roomies in college. It's ridiculous that she's a mommy...I just can't get over it.

MJ is delicious. We both got lots of snuggly holding time and even went to breakfast with baby and the new parents.

Don't be fooled, behind those smiles is sleep depravity.

We love being Aunt Ashey & Uncle Bynan
 Mark & Laura, we are so excited for your little family! We love you guys :)

Time to knock a few more things off the ol' list.

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