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I have a tendency to complain too much, so I'm always telling myself that. Case in point: Living in Wichita.

I'm kind of obsessed with our families. Can somebody say momma's girl? We have lived in Ta-town for three years and sometimes I wish so badly that we lived in KC and could see them on a weekly basis. Even if I see them once a month, that's only 12 times a year...that's not enough!!

Perspective, perspective, perspective. We almost moved to Kentucky. And Arizona. And North Dakota. North Dakota?!!! Does anyone live there?

So really, a three hour drive isn't much...at all. And we have come to love Wichita...or love the people of Wichita. And our church. People make the place. I know this to be true. 

All of this to say, we make that three hour drive A LOT. We have drove up and back in a day more than a handful of times this year. This past week, we headed north for a Christmas celebration with my dad's side of the family. 

On the road. Stretching out his "tightness." Who does this?!
My grandma was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Her behavior can be funny, but mostly it makes me really sad that it's taking her mind. We made sure to make it to this Christmas. I'm not sure how much longer Grandma will remember everyone.
My cutie cousin and aunt. Grandma's on the right. 
My aunt Vicki was the hostess with the mostest. Her and my uncle made a delicious meal and welcomed everyone into their beautiful home. We talked and played b-ball and ate and opened presents. It was good times. 

Al and her boyyy.
Sayin' Grace.
The whole gang.
Dad and his sister and my cousins.
These people fill my cup. Family time is the best.

I think I'll always have a desire to live minutes from my fam. 
But I'm going to take my perspective and be content and know that God has placed Bryan and I here at this time for his purpose. 

Cheers to the faithful Corolla and I-35 Northbound. 


audrey said...

you and your sis are BEAUTIFUL! for reals. i hope you guys move back to kc one day!

ashley said...

Audrey, thanks! Ali is a beauty. It would be too fun to live in KC...we could all be friends!

Mom said...

Who takes a picture, while they are driving, of a person stretching in the car?!!

Simi said...

family is the best! I'm glad I still live near mine.
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