Puddles in Prague & No Place Like My Driveway

The Europe Finale has arrived. Our last city. Done. Finished. It feels like we're leaving all over again.

Our last train pulled into Prague on Tuesday morning. We found our way to the B&B we were staying at: Villa Sarka. It was very quaint with orange clay tiles and ivy growing up the side. 

We set out for the Prague Cathedral and Castle which were beautiful and very Gothic. An overlook on the outskirts of the cathedral gave us a panoramic view of Prague and included the oldest vineyard in the Czech. 

This stained glass was unbelievable. It was made up of a million tiny shards.

Bryan wanted to take some of these used bottles. My husband the pilfer, I mean pastor.
Dinner time called and we randomly picked Svejk. And, man it was a delicious choice. Bryan ordered beef sirloin with Czech cream sauce and bread dumplings. I got chicken wrapped in bacon with green beans and roasted potatoes. I think I only got to eat half of mine because Bryan kept stealing bites. I'm sensing a trend...

Go here.
Stop drooling.

Unfortunately, on our very last day in Europe, we woke up to rain. It was a bummer. But we braved it in our rain coats sans our nice camera. It wasn't worth hiding it under our clothes or ruining it in the weather, so iPhone pics it would be. We set off to meet up for a free walking tour. Just like the one we did hereHowever, I am a total lamo and looked at the wrong meeting location. So no one was there. And it was way to late to make it to the right place. 

I was so mad at myself and the cold rain didn't help. But Starbucks did and after we shopped around for souvenirs for the fam, we warmed up with a cup of Joe. Thanks, Joe. 

We screamed "tourist" in our rain coats. Worth it. Bryan, you are freaking cute.
Bry has been to Prague before in high school for a missions trip. So we met up with his friend, Joanie who is the director his group worked with. Joanie was better than any free walking tour! She walked us all through downtown and showed us great Czech places and things, like the Old Town Astronomical Clock. It's the oldest one in the world that's still working. Every hour, it "chimes" and the twelve apostles come out. 
This was weird. I guess the fish eat the bacteria off your feet? I'm sticking with soap.
Joanie took us to Havelak for dinner. I forgot to take pictures of what we got, but Bry had fried pork schnitzel with potato salad and I had roasted lamb with garlic, potato dumplings and spinach. Again, we ate well :)

Over dinner, we were able to talk to Joanie about her ministry. She has lived in the Czech for 17 years. She was so down-to-earth and encouraging and asked us about things she could pray for us. Apparently not having my camera really threw me off, because we forgot to get a picture with her :(

After dinner, we went back to the B&B and packed up. Our initial flight back to the states was delayed by an hour. We were certain we'd miss both of our flights in New York and Hotlanta, but God really had his hand on the situation and knew how excited we were to get home. We made both of them!
Is this picture creepy? I can't decide. Anyways, it's the only one we got on the journey home.
Wichita came very late at night. When we got to our house, we were locked out. Seriously. It was SO not funny. It was so funny I was laugh-crying, sitting on our driveway next to my huge-@%# backpack. There's an amusing mental image. After trying to go through several windows, we remembered a friend who had a key.  Thank the Lord!

Our Adventure to Europe was just that: an Adventure. We saw so many incredible sites, met wonderful new friends, ate phenomenal food, and experienced so much. Both of us are immensely thankful that our employers let us take the time off. And we feel so blessed to have been able to save financially for this trip. 

The best part was being with my best friend. Had we EVER spent two, solid, never-apart-from-each-other weeks together? I think not. Someone asked me when we got home if we had any major fights. Major fights, no. Moments of frustration, yes. Bryan and I are a great team. We LOVE being together, doing whatever.

So here's to Europe 2011. We've already got a new list going for next time. Right, babe? ;)
A girl can wish. 

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Anonymous said...

hahaha i love it!!! what a great trip! i got locked out of the apartment in spain when i got back from my trip to amsterdam-- right after my bus/metro pass ran out and i had the worst time trying to buy a new one. i sat outside the door and cried until my host brother FINALLY got his sleepy ass off the couch (i was banging and calling the phone repeatedly!) and opened the door. he was quite startled to see me and my huge pack just bawling in the hallway! LOL! that's what your story reminded me of :) i hope you at least got a swig of some good czech beer... mmmm! great blogs posts too!