Thirty, Flirty, Fun, & Firedrills

Don't be mistaken. I am not 30. I still have SIX years. Let's count them...twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven...hah. I just had to rub it in a little. Truthfully, age doesn't really bother me. I think I am more bothered when someone tells me I look thirteen or sixteen. Yes, I get both. 

My BFF turned the big 3-0 this past weekend. She married a great guy because he planned a party for her and her friends in Oklahoma City. Woooohooooo. We all met in Bricktown Friday night and partied our pants off until after midnight. Because that's what young, hip 20-somethings and a 30 year-old do. Right?

Bryan Daniel, your hand is dangerously low. I'm blushing.
Ready to hit the town, sans Jojo, although she is a party girl herself, that girl.

Love you both!
 All I can say is wow, Tapas. Yum City. Go to Bolero in OKC and get the golden fried goat cheese drizzled in honey. Or as I repeatedly called them while devouring as many as I could get my hands on, "these goat cheese balls are SO good, nom, nom, nom!" And then everyone looked at me weird. But anyways, your world will be changed. Get the rock shrimp too. Good choice, Adam! 

After dinner, we wondered to a dueling piano bar. It was really loud but enjoyable. Who doesn't like hearing stairway to heaven, I've got friends in low places, get low, and mbop? You better believe we sang along. 

This fine gentleman truly embarrassed himself.
We all turned in around 2 and immediately fell asleep. We shared a suite with two other couples and around 2:40 we almost died. Okay, I'm exaggerating a lot, but it kind of felt like that for about 5 minutes. The fire alarm went off, but not just the annoying noise. An automated voice was screaming at us to evacuate immediately. 

So we're trying to get our barrings and some of us might have been trying to get clothes on - no names shall be mentioned - and we're kind of thinking that some idiot pulled the alarm. But, Emily opens the door and there is smoke everywhere. At this point, I'm starting to PANIC. We all made it from the third floor to the lobby. Nope, they weren't making guests actually leave the building.

Long story short, we were back in our beds within 30 minutes. We never heard what is was for sure, but it smelled like someone blew up a bag of popcorn in their microwave on our floor. Tracie and Adam were on the sixth and their alarm never went off. I mean, if there's a fire on the third floor, the sixth floor doesn't need to know about it. Sounds like a plan.   

Saturday morning was spent eating breakfast, opening presents, and hanging out. 

We love Nora!

You two are presh.
Jojo loved helping her momma unwrap gifts.

This was my gift to Trace. It was easy and fun to make: I used 8x10 frames, atlas paper, stencils of the states that I googled, white paper - thicker than card stock...what is that called? - hot glue, and little heart stickers. 

And while Texas is shaped cooler and blah blah blah, I was loving Kansas and how easy it was to cut out. Kansas: keeping it simple. That should be our motto, yes? I'm making a KS one for myself asap!

Lovely, ladies.
We ended the festivities with lunch at Zios and making Tracie feel totally awkward by loving on her with our favorite memories and qualities of her.

What a fabulous weekend. I love my friend and her life we celebrated. I still hate that she lives far away, but occasions like these help me to appreciate her friendship even more. 

Tracie, Happy Birthday! Adam, you know how to throw a party. Thanks for everything. Let's do it again. Next Weekend? Deal.


Sweet Friends & Sushi

Well, Sunday Funday is almost over. Does anyone else get Sunday night blues? I totally do. I love my job and everything, but I loooove the weekends and ramping myself up for a new week is kind of hard.

We have had a slow-paced, yet busy January. If that's possible...? 

Our friends Cole and Valerie came to see us over MLK Jr weekend. Valerie is a teacher and Cole is a pastor. Sound familiar? Bryan and Cole have been BFF's since 6th grade and have the most ridiculous stories of each other.
I always love our time with the McGee's. We only hang out with them a few times a year but it's always good. 

We took them to sushi at Kanai. oh.so.good. And then we spent the rest of the night playing Cranium, FIFA, dancing, making fun of Valerie for going pee every 5 minutes, and mostly talking. 
Bustin' a move.

This is probably when Cole had to hum a song and we couldn't figure out what it was. But really, he didn't know the song so he just made the whole thing up. Typical Cole.
I can't remember what we were acting out but obviously the girls figured it out first, naturally.
Bryan and Cole have a love affair with all things soccer and Bry got Cole a Fulham scarf in London. They both had to wear them while they played FIFA, of course.

We blinked and their short stay was over. Thanks for coming guys, we love you both!

*Valerie, how did you manage to escape an embarrassing picture? Do you think you're too cute for the rest of us? Okay, you are but still...take one for the team next time :)


Merry Christmas, Everyone.

Tiny Tim said it well. Actually, he said God Bless us, everyone. Same thing, right?

It was a merry & bright Christmas in Ta-town. Every other year, Bryan has Christmas "off" then "on" from church services. This year he was on so my family came down. Good times were had by all.

We did a lot of last minute shopping thanks to my crazy and very generous father. He seriously gets a sudden Santa-high and no one can stop the man. My mom just hates loves it.
Shopping, Eskimo style.

Speaking of Santa, here's a good story. Bryan and I are the worst aunt & uncle ever. Before Christmas, we had Santa call our niece and nephew -- we used this free link from gmail where we entered info and Santa calls the person's phone. Now, we don't really put an emphasis on the jolly guy or make him the center of the season...but we thought it would be so fun for our Bens and Jay-baby. 

After Benson heard that Santa would be in Kansas soon to bring him a toy car, it's pretty much all he could think and talk about. He woke up the next morning and talked about it all day. When my sister-in-law was doing advent with him, Santa was on his mind...not Jesus. Whoops. 

So Leah just had to tell him that Santa was a real man who gave children gifts but that he died and stayed dead...and Jesus is the only man who rose from the dead and is the best gift. Benson bawled.his.eyes.out. We ended up calling him because he insisted that Santa was at Uncle Bynan's house since he called from our phone. We tried to help by telling him that Santa is just pretend like Lightning McQueen and Kung Fu Panda and he cried more.

Just call us the aunt & uncle of the year. The funny part of this story is that a few days later, Benson was playing with some kids and they were talking about Santa. Benson chuckles and says, "guys, Santa's dead. My nephew is awesome. 

Okay sorry long story, here's the Christmas recap:

-Texas friends staying the night with us.
-Ninja playing (favorite game ever)
-Lunch at a Wichita classic: Ole Mill Tasty Shop
-Hunting for the men which resulted in a duck head in my Christmas tree. Thanks, hun. You and my dad are a match made in heaven.
-Christmas Eve service
-Lots of game playing and mom cheerleading
-Present opening
-Kinect Adventures...I'm addicted, so fun!
-Illuminations @ Botanica  & We Bought a Zoo
-And many more sweet family moments
Miss Jojo in rare form after traveling.
Great friends :)

This man brought a toothbrush to lunch. I mean seriously...where's your floss??
I told you I don't have stockings yet...this is my dad's creativity.
spirit fingers.
Rocking the xbox kinect

The five days went too fast. I was in bum city when they left. 

We rang in the new year with Bryan's family. And played more Kinect...fruit ninja this time. This game is so sweet, everyone played, except tiny baby MJ of course. I didn't take any pictures of the weekend...slap on the hand for me. However, I did get a video of my husband playing. HILARIOUS.  (if the insert doesn't work, go to this link.)

The video of my F.I.L is ridiculous but he's not mine so it stays in the family ;)

You know you want to watch that again.