Merry Christmas, Everyone.

Tiny Tim said it well. Actually, he said God Bless us, everyone. Same thing, right?

It was a merry & bright Christmas in Ta-town. Every other year, Bryan has Christmas "off" then "on" from church services. This year he was on so my family came down. Good times were had by all.

We did a lot of last minute shopping thanks to my crazy and very generous father. He seriously gets a sudden Santa-high and no one can stop the man. My mom just hates loves it.
Shopping, Eskimo style.

Speaking of Santa, here's a good story. Bryan and I are the worst aunt & uncle ever. Before Christmas, we had Santa call our niece and nephew -- we used this free link from gmail where we entered info and Santa calls the person's phone. Now, we don't really put an emphasis on the jolly guy or make him the center of the season...but we thought it would be so fun for our Bens and Jay-baby. 

After Benson heard that Santa would be in Kansas soon to bring him a toy car, it's pretty much all he could think and talk about. He woke up the next morning and talked about it all day. When my sister-in-law was doing advent with him, Santa was on his mind...not Jesus. Whoops. 

So Leah just had to tell him that Santa was a real man who gave children gifts but that he died and stayed dead...and Jesus is the only man who rose from the dead and is the best gift. Benson bawled.his.eyes.out. We ended up calling him because he insisted that Santa was at Uncle Bynan's house since he called from our phone. We tried to help by telling him that Santa is just pretend like Lightning McQueen and Kung Fu Panda and he cried more.

Just call us the aunt & uncle of the year. The funny part of this story is that a few days later, Benson was playing with some kids and they were talking about Santa. Benson chuckles and says, "guys, Santa's dead. My nephew is awesome. 

Okay sorry long story, here's the Christmas recap:

-Texas friends staying the night with us.
-Ninja playing (favorite game ever)
-Lunch at a Wichita classic: Ole Mill Tasty Shop
-Hunting for the men which resulted in a duck head in my Christmas tree. Thanks, hun. You and my dad are a match made in heaven.
-Christmas Eve service
-Lots of game playing and mom cheerleading
-Present opening
-Kinect Adventures...I'm addicted, so fun!
-Illuminations @ Botanica  & We Bought a Zoo
-And many more sweet family moments
Miss Jojo in rare form after traveling.
Great friends :)

This man brought a toothbrush to lunch. I mean seriously...where's your floss??
I told you I don't have stockings yet...this is my dad's creativity.
spirit fingers.
Rocking the xbox kinect

The five days went too fast. I was in bum city when they left. 

We rang in the new year with Bryan's family. And played more Kinect...fruit ninja this time. This game is so sweet, everyone played, except tiny baby MJ of course. I didn't take any pictures of the weekend...slap on the hand for me. However, I did get a video of my husband playing. HILARIOUS.  (if the insert doesn't work, go to this link.)

The video of my F.I.L is ridiculous but he's not mine so it stays in the family ;)

You know you want to watch that again.

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