Sweet Friends & Sushi

Well, Sunday Funday is almost over. Does anyone else get Sunday night blues? I totally do. I love my job and everything, but I loooove the weekends and ramping myself up for a new week is kind of hard.

We have had a slow-paced, yet busy January. If that's possible...? 

Our friends Cole and Valerie came to see us over MLK Jr weekend. Valerie is a teacher and Cole is a pastor. Sound familiar? Bryan and Cole have been BFF's since 6th grade and have the most ridiculous stories of each other.
I always love our time with the McGee's. We only hang out with them a few times a year but it's always good. 

We took them to sushi at Kanai. oh.so.good. And then we spent the rest of the night playing Cranium, FIFA, dancing, making fun of Valerie for going pee every 5 minutes, and mostly talking. 
Bustin' a move.

This is probably when Cole had to hum a song and we couldn't figure out what it was. But really, he didn't know the song so he just made the whole thing up. Typical Cole.
I can't remember what we were acting out but obviously the girls figured it out first, naturally.
Bryan and Cole have a love affair with all things soccer and Bry got Cole a Fulham scarf in London. They both had to wear them while they played FIFA, of course.

We blinked and their short stay was over. Thanks for coming guys, we love you both!

*Valerie, how did you manage to escape an embarrassing picture? Do you think you're too cute for the rest of us? Okay, you are but still...take one for the team next time :)

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