Goodness, it's been awhile. Shame on me. January and February have been pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary which is just fine with me. I have got to make myself blog more. It's harder to start back up after it's been too long...ya know? 

Here is a recap in pictures of what's been goin' on with the Dunhams:

I found this on my desk after lunch one day. Oh boys...
A much needed day spent with my momma. I love her.

Bryan married a close friend of his the last weekend of January. It's weird when I say it like that, right? Yeah awkward. But that is what he did. It was his first wedding and I know I'm biased, but he pretty much married the heck out of Dave and Maggie. They are a freaking adorable couple though, with a great story.

I didn't actually take pictures during the ceremony. Didn't want to interfere with the photog.
Mr. and Mrs. Ham....woohoo!

These are some pretty good guys.
Then it was sister time. Leah, Jason and the kids stayed a night with us. We watched Rio, painted our nails, and put Jaylee through a rigorous workout like any good aunt and uncle.
My sister was down the same weekend. I only snapped a few pictures. Shame on me again. She visited me at school and watched me teach a lesson. Of course all the boys fell in love. She's a beauty, my sis. We P90x'ed our pants off, ate a lot - which pretty much made working out pointless but calories don't count when you're with your sister - watched American Idol, went to church, and painted.

Jaylee lovin.
Rio watchin

Tony Horton would be so proud :)

Last weekend, I went to Salina for an impromptu "girl's weekend." This consisted of talking, eating, playing with Bens and Jay, and passing MJ around to squeeze all of his chubbiness. Enjoy it little man, it's the only time in life when people will ooo and aww over dimples and rolls. Then it changes to ewww's and ahhh's.  Can I get an amen?

It seems from the pictures that some stinkin cute boys monopolized the girls weekend.

Rolls for days.

And my favorite day from lately was yesterday. St. Valentines. It's nice to have a day to especially celebrate love. 
The truth is, I got to the end of the day and realized I hadn't acknowledged Him as my first love.

We, though, are going to love—love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first.      1 John 4:19
I'm so amazed that I am able to love Bryan with so much of myself...when really it's not my capability, but a gift. Thanks, God. You know just what I need. 
We keep V-day pretty low key, but still intentional. Bryan came home with cupcakes and an orchid. He is the best man. And those were some yummy cupcakes. 
We made dinner together and watched Downton Abbey. LOVE this show. It's funny, Geoff and Sylvia were watching this when we came back to their place in London. We sat down with them and watched it for a few minutes and I didn't think anything of it. Fast forward 4 months: obsessed.

Chicken Pesto Alfredo with roasted cherry tomatoes.

So that is that. I will be back sooner, promise. Pinky Promise.