I need to be mowing my lawn right now or making lunch but I just have to get another post in or I'll never catch up!

These are all odds and ends of our life the last month. 

Bryan went to the KU vs Mizzou game. For Free. Yes, you probably hate him right now. One of his friends had corporate tickets and invited him. I meanwhile was tiling the kitchen (see previous post) and FREAKING out. Pacing and talking to myself may have been included. But they won and it was glorious. Bry said there was a lot of hugging between complete strangers because it was such an amazing game. 
So maybe I'm glad I wasn't there...strangers in my bubble, no thanks.  

I have thoroughly been enjoying the early Kansas spring, running, and sitting outside almost every evening...reading or painting my nails. 

Wow, veins.
The weather over Spring Break was not so great. I know we needed the rain, but it was a bummer to not be outside.
So what did I do instead? I went to Hays, Kansas. It's where anyone who's anyone goes for fun, right?
My friend Tracie is from there and she lives in TX now. So she was going to see her family and we thought it would be a good excuse to hangout. It ended up being a very relaxing weekend. Thanks for inviting me, Trace!

Bad picture, great friends!

Then, I made a quick trip to KC to see my family (sorry, no pictures).

And Bryan had the last part of the week off which was awesome and rare, so we had ourselves a staycation:

the Gungor concert (listen to them, you'll love)
Mead's Corner for breakfast and coffee
the art museum
shopping at Barnes and Noble, the Gap, and Cabelas 
and sushi

I am obsessed with sushi. I want it everyday. 

Thanks Gungor, it's totally obvious how much you love Jesus.

The.best.game. (besides Candyland)

Art to walk on.

Quit staring Chuck Close.

Mouth is watering.

The rest of our break has been filled with Jayhawk cheering and birthday celebrating with our niece and nephew. 

It feels good to be caught up. Now to go get some things done and then it's March Madness time.


Saws, Squats, and Tile

In this house, we like to DIY a lot. It saves money people, and you get to learn a lot of sweet stuff like how to use saws. 
Then your husband will brag about you and tell others of your toughness while you stand to the side nonchalantly flexing your

Anyways... in our house we have remodeled our first floor which includes :
-scraping off our popcorn ceilings (more like craters, very classy)
-painting all our wood-work white
-tiling the bathroom
-changing all outlets/switches to white
-installing all new lighting
-and installing, staining, and finishing hardwood floors

Recently, my mom came down and we spent the weekend backsplashing my kitchen.
I debated back and forth between going with penny tile or subway tile. White-Marble Subway won because I am all about timeless, simplicity. Subway tile never goes out, right? Please nod and agree. 

This is before...pretty standard and plain.
The opposite wall had no tile.
Getting it all off was so not fun, but I can work a crowbar pretty good now.
 Then we had to prep our wall...

Pink putty that turns white when it's dry. Cute and conventional. 
Okay, ready tile.

Safety first, duh.

 At last, we were ready to grout our masterpiece. At first, I got scared of the grout color because it was dark...but thankfully it dried lighter. 

When doing house projects, it is unnecessary to shower or groom oneself. Embrace the nasty.

And then we had our finished product. 

My picture taking skills aren't the best...but I love how it turned out. We eventually plan to get stainless steel appliances and put a range over the stove. Obviously we aren't totally done because the outlets aren't finished. Someday.

I always think the hardest part to a project is getting started, but man I'm in project mode now...next on our list: the basement.

Last but not least, we found when tiling your kitchen, it is best to put yourself in incredibly awkward and unattractive positions...then document with pictures. House beauty takes sacrifice. 

Way to squat it out, Mom.

The best.

Excellent lunging technique