Heyo! I'm back like the Backstreet Boys. Except I didn't have to go to rehab. Let's all be thankful for that.

I saw this update idea while blog-stalking. And since there is a lot to catch up on, I thought I'd give it a go. I did add a few ings of my own...

listening: to the Amos Lee station on Pandora. My favorite station - so chill. 

watching: nothing. I don't think I've ever watched less tv in my life. Maybe it's because we get two channels? Or because the weather has been so nice I want to be outside? Whatever it is, I'm fine with it. I guess we have watched a few movies...like Real Steel (good), and Drive (weird), and The Descendants (weird again). 

We've also been watching my sister swim. She's an Olympian. Well not really, but she is in my heart. The swimmers wear these crazy-tight suits to swim in. They cost a mortgage payment and can only be worn a handful of times before they are no good. But it takes like thirty minutes and several people to help Ali get into it. So yes, several people have been up-close-and-personal with Ali's nether region.
Basically Spanx has nothing on Skins

I may not make it to many of your meets Al, but I am one of your biggest fans!
She's always been a fish.
State Qualifying. 

reading: various things. nothing of importance except my bible. For some reason, I really like to read articles from yahoo. Probably because I can't get on anything at school so I have to go to very safe websites. Yahoo has a lot of random articles...some serious, some sports related, some currently trending, and some extremely shallow. 

growing: a tree with our home team (or life group, whatever). We planted a tree on our church property. Or I should say that the men planted a tree and the women stood to the side. We are really loving our group. We're all in similar life stages and everyone is really committed to being transparent and engaging. I've loved getting to know the women and look forward to every Sunday evening. 

Supporting the men. 
Yes, that is actually a tree. 

wanting: a never ending list. I want my house DIY list to be done. This would include new windows, the bathroom remodel, the basement remodel, the range hood and chandelier installed, a new deck, and landscaping. Just to name a few. Oh and I'd love a vacation with just the hubs. He has been extra busy. I guess "wanting" should read: money and time. Isn't that what all of us want?

needing: okay, moment of truth: nothing. Except more quiet time which is totally in my control. I mean, I just don't need anything. I have so much. I need to make sure that I'm using what God has given me to bless others. 

partying: What, you don't think we party? Think again, people. I guess I should use the word celebrating. We threw a big graduation bash for my sister and cousin at my parent's house. A lot of cleaning and prepping followed by a full house with lots of eating, talking, laughing, reminiscing, picture viewing, picture taking, and trampoline jumping. 

Dad, the yard looked beautiful, nicely done.

Sarah is my beautiful, super smart cousin. Sometimes I think we look more alike than Ali and I. Genetics are weird.

Ali and her frans.
Lookin' good dad.
the best looking. 
churchy friends.
Father-daughter pic!
My momma and her two friends...love you Janelle and Patti! 
getting out from behind the camera.

hoping: constantly. I've been really leaning on the hope I have in Jesus. I'm not quite ready to share with the world, but it's been a challenging several months. Some days, I don't feel like hoping. I love having control and I love getting things done.  Having to wait and hope for things makes me feel useless. But seriously, I don't know what people do who aren't relying on Jesus and his never-ending, steadfast, sovereign HOPE.

Romans 12:12  Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

anticipating: SUMMER! Hot days, tanning poolside, house projects, evenings on our deck, bike rides, morning runs, sleeping in, vacations in Texas, Arkansas, and Colorado, reading, kids' camps, and in general, breaking...from the norm. I am SO thankful I have summers off. I truly love my job, but who doesn't want a break? Now if only pastors got the summer off too.

leaving: this post. I'm done. But I will leave you with some random instagram pics. Love that app. Enjoy :)

On the lookout for Thing 2.
Enjoying my centerpiece.
Hair that was washed and twisted into a bun...gotta love curly hair. That's Ali creepin' in the back.
Hat day at school.
Errand running is fun with this man. 

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