Stay a While

Ohhh Summer, thanks for stopping in. Please stay a while. 

I must be good at seeing into the future because pool days, house projects, morning runs, sleeping in, reading, vacations, and church camps are in full swing around here. It has been busy and wonderful. 

The last few years, summer has kicked off with my family coming down for Memorial Day. Actually, my dad is in Wichita for the high school state track meet, so we just make it a weekend. 

But this year, Bryan's mom and dad came down first and we had ourselves a little field trip to the Underground Salt Museum. Who knew there was a bunch of salt 600 feet below Kansas? Not this girl. It sure was fun licking the walls, though.

Just kiddinnngg.

Carol and Matthew protecting their valuables.
The way down to the mine. Pitch black for 3 minutes...with my husband. I'll leave it at that.
Everything that goes, stays. Everything. Even trash. A lot of this was from the 1950's.

After all that salt, we were thirsty...and hungry! So we went to Carriage Crossing which is an Amish restaurant about 30 minutes from where we live. The food is unbelievable and the pie is even better. Sometimes there is even a horse and carriage or two in the parking lot. 

We spent the rest of the weekend watching high schoolers run-a-muck at Wichita State and relaxing with my parents. I had a massive bloody nose which is always a good time. Like, I'm driving down a highway and the floodgates open. Thanks, allergies. Okay tmi, sorry. 
This is the only picture I got at the meet. I hope you can appreciate his hair.
If you can't, think this
It was so cool. And gross. 

Aside from knocking out a lot of little house projects like:
-installing the downstairs handrail
-finishing the grout on my backsplash
-painting the wall vents the color of the walls

Bryan (mostly) and I decided one Saturday morning to build shelves in our garage. It was so fun. And now we want to build more. And I'm really proud of my husband and his manly skills so I have to tell the world...duh.

Sweaty man!
Finished! Good job, babe.
Several months back, I got a Groupon Getaway for my dear friend, Tracie and I. We met up this weekend in Tulsa for a perfect day of shopping, eating, museuming, bachelorette watching, sleeping, and catching up. 

It was so fun and relaxing that I am having withdrawals and am contemplating leaving in the night to go back. Trace, are you in?!

Lunch at Wolfgang Puck's Bistro.
I have a love affair with sweet potatoes.
The amazing gardens at the Philbrook Museum of Art.
Starbucks and shopping, yes please!
Going out to dinner! We took this picture about 5 times...I don't know how you narcissist teenagers do it.
Out on the town.
Tracie, the rooster is still confusing me...
Tulsa street tacos. SO good.
Dinner...rooftop style!

Tulsa was a pretty sweet city. Except their highway tolls are ridiculously prehistoric. I think it's due time for change, don't you, Tulsa?

We are gearing up for a week of Day Camp around here. Remember from last year? It's going to be crazy and exhausting and FUN and hopefully life changing for some little people. Right after we finish camp, we leave for a week of vacay with Bry's family. 

And then it will basically be July. Excuse me summer, I just asked you to please stay a while.

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Carol Dunham said...

Love your posts and glad you had a fun time in T- Town. Enjoy your summer. Xo, aunt Carol