I'm attracted to older men...

Heyo, it's me. Just sitting at Panera doing some lesson planning. I get so much more accomplished when I'm not at home distracted by what needs to be cleaned or cooked or whatever. Amen? Except the challenge at Panera is to not be distracted by Facebook or Instagram or blogs.

Ahhh, distractions everywhere...I digress.

The last month has been crraazzaayy.

Day Camp went on without a hitch. I think it was the best year yet.

I've always wondered what it would be like to be married to a ginger.

Bry's dream job.

Movie Star.

600 kiddos surrending to Jesus!

After our busiest week of the year, we left early in the AM for Texas with Bryan's family. Nine adults and three kids 5 and under in two cars means lots of potty stops, movies in the car, fast-food meals, and improvisational dance moves. What? You don't dance in your car? Well take a lesson from Benson - movemaster - himself.

Man, I love that kid.

We spent our vacay putting in a lot of pool time, as well as hanging around the cabins eating, playing games, and watching NBA finals. We also toured the George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum. In his day, George was a serious hottie. Yes, I just said that.
Oh, and we shopped at Ross. Yes I will have a maxi dress for $10, thank you very much. And despite all my complaining about how bad the shopping is in Wichita (which it is), we are getting a Ross. Wohoo!

cute. both of you!

the littlest fishy and aunt relly.

you are cutest asian-looking (but not asian) baby i've ever seen, MJ!

the George's.

boys and their toys

Jaylee spent a large portion of her vacay taking pictures with my phone. This meant I spent a large portion of my vacay deleting them. She's stinkin' cute though. That's what counts.

Get it MJ. Eat that corner.


Dunham Texas 12' was too fun (we missed you Bennett!).

And I still have a second Texas vacation to blog about, amongst other things. Yep, to Texas and back twice in a week-and-a-half. Crazy? Maybe.

But I shall the leave the blogosphere for now so that I can go make dinner for my husband.  

Back soon.