So long...

...summer, you will be missed. But I'm ready for change. Ready for school and volleyball and Fall and getting up at five. Well not that last part...yuck.

I forgot my big fancy camera on TWO vacations this summer. I was so mad at myself. However, my trusty iPhone saved the days -- praise the Lord -- and will make this post super picture heavy.

We went back to Texas for a second time to see our BFF's, the Ewings! They had just bought their house and it was Adam's big 3-0. We ate and shopped and attempted (but failed) an Ikea visit and went to the Texas Rangers game and soaked in every moment with our dear friends.

Please add your own caption to this first picture. There are too many that come to mind...I can't even pick one.
Crazy Texas, flying their flag at the same level as the U.S. flag. Should be illegal...just sayin.
It was 4th of July Night!
You guys are practically old, but you've still got it goin' on!
Happy Birthday, Adam!
Goodbye Texas, on to Arkansas. I left Bry at home and joined my mom, sister, cousins, and aunts for a girls trip. It was SO fun! We had a beautiful house on the lake. Our time was spent doing A LOT of relaxing and reading with a little Insanity, shopping, extreme zip-lining, and eating mixed in. Okay I lie, we ate a lot too...of course. 

Lake living : )

Rockin abs, Al Pal!

Ali, you ruined this picture, poop face.

My supposed-to-be-starburst became a whoops-didn't-mean-to-leg-spread. I am so lame!
Porch swinging perfection.
Facials...a good perspective that things could always be worse.
Christy and Jamie might be stoned, we're not sure. Al, we actually look alike in this picture. I don't know what that means but I'll take it!

It was the best time with my favorite women. Thanks so much, Christy for planning everything. Next year, pretty please?!

After Arkansas, it was off to Colorado for cross country camp. Remember from last year? Bry was able to go with us for part of the trip and it happened to fall on our 4th anniversary, so we made a mini-anniversary trip out of it. 

Geez, I love that guy. He makes me happy everyday and I definitely don't deserve it everyday. 

So I guess I blinked and summer is over. 
Maybe I'll get better at blogging now that I'm in a routine?