Jack: 1-3 Months!

Dear Jack,

Forgive your mother. My intention is to blog about you each month of your first year of life, but guess what? It's November and you're 3 months! So I am playing catch up.

Here is a little recap.

Month 1:

*Whew, the first two weeks were HARD. I'm sure you wouldn't think so if you could look back and remember. But momma was an emotional mess. Thank goodness we had Daddy, Nana, Ali, Poppy, and a lot of others to help us! 
*By week two, you were sleeping in your crib at night! I missed you but I slept so much better in-between feedings and you didn't seem to mind; so we went with it!
*Maybe all newborns/babies are this way but you have the most ridiculous facial expressions, Bear Bear!

1 Month Pictures
Month 2:

*You started smiling at 6 weeks! Wow, it's the best. I still can't get enough of that gummy grin. 
*Your happiest time of the day is in the morning, right after you eat. You smile and coo are SO much fun!
*Your not-so-happiest time of the day is in the evening. Anytime between 4-7, you might have a total meltdown. Crying and crying. It's been hard on Mom and Dad, but we just remind each other "it's just a phase!"
*You got to meet all your Kansas City friends/family this month at a party that Nana and Poppy threw for you! You were a champ the whole evening even though it was past your bedtime. 
*At your 2 month appointment, you got your first set of shots. Whew, that was harder than your circ! For not being a baby that cries very much, you whaled. You also weighed in at 11.3 pounds. 

Forgive your mother again, because I didn't get your 2 month picture taken. But here are two that show your smile!

Month 3:

*This month has been, at times challenging. I was really hoping/praying/holding my breath that you would start sleeping through the night during this month. Like maybe a good 8-9 hours+. But I guess you aren't ready yet. We've had a handful of nights where you've gone 6.5-7 hours! You are going to bed between 7:30-8 and are typically getting up around 1:30 and 4:30...although that randomly changes sometimes. 
*Your evenings are getting SO much better. You are much happier and it's only a night or two a week where you will cry for a little while. 
*Daddy and I have heard you laugh once or twice...we think! But we're waiting for that full out belly laugh. Anytime now, J-Bear; we can't wait!

Love these pictures of you. You are so ready to smile when the camera isn't in front of your face, you stinker!

We love you little Jack babe!


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